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About the RAF Air Cadets

The RAF Air Cadets (previously known as the Air Training Corps ATC) is one of the largest uniformed youth organisations in the country, with support from the Royal Air Force our cadets learn a huge variety of aviation, military and  life skills.

Air Cadets aged 12 (in school year 8 and will be aged 13 in that current school year) to 20 years are given the chance to learn from our detailed aviation syllabus, attend military, adventurous training and overseas camps, fly on and train in a variety of military aircraft and meet many new friends! Cadets also get the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinborough award scheme, play a huge variety of skills and even join national level military bands! Cadets over the age of 16 can also receive work experience with the Royal Air Force.

Air Cadets is also a military organisation and the skills that cadets are taught hold them in great stead for a military or indeed civilian career.

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