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Uniform and Dress Regulations

Download ACP 20B - Uniform and Dress Regulations here.​
Brassard Badges


The squadron identifier (2267) is worn 6mm from the top of the brassard (over the button hole). Below this touching the bottom of the squadron identifier is the ATC identifier.

Below the ATC identifier is your classification badge, this changes as you progress through the ATC syllabus. Other badges are shown in the images, for further instruction speak to the squadron staff.

Please Note:

gliding/flying wings are worn on the issue jumper.

Air Cadet TRF


The Air Cadet TRF(Tactical Recognition Flash)(Left) is worn on both the MTP Smock and Shirt. The RAF and Army Corps all have their own TRFs.

The TRF should be sewn centrally on the right sleeve 7.5cm below the seam.

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